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9 GOING TO COLLEGE IN NEW JERSEY • WWW.HESAA.ORG • 1-609-584-4480 PLAN WISELY FOR A SUCCESSFUL C R E D I T | B A N K I N G | I N V E S T I N G | S T U D E N T L O A N S When asked to identify the key ingredients of a successful future, many students believe it's getting into a good school or landing a great job. However, your future success and security will also depend greatly on your money management skills. HESAA's Real Money 101 program is designed to introduce you to the world of budgeting, using credit wisely, and personal finance. Our program provides information and tools for students to use to achieve financial independence after graduation. For many, your first credit obligation is repayment of federal student loans. Real Money 101 teaches you the principles of smart borrowing and the steps to take if you ever run into trouble repaying debts. If you should default (become 270 days delinquent) on a loan, the loan may be subject to collection costs and legal fees. There are many options to avoid default, including forbearance, deferment, loan consolidation, and income-based or extended repayment. You may also consult one of New Jersey's Licensed Budget and Credit Counseling Agencies found on the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance website. If you are experiencing problems, call your lender or HESAA right away to find out what options are available to you. For more information about money and debt management, call HESAA at 609-584-4480, or view HESAA's Real Money 101 program on the web at FUTURE

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